About Coffee Beans


The coffee is really a seed from the coffee tree. The bean sits inside the coffee cherry or fruit. The fruit is typically read or yellow in color and when it reaches its ripest point is picked from the tree for processing. You will often hear coffee people talk about this fruit as the cherry. Just like ordinary cherries, the coffee fruit is also a so-called stone fruit. Even though the coffee beans are not technically beans, they are referred to as such because of their resemblance to true legume beans. The coffee fruit, cherries or coffee berries, most commonly contain two stones with their flat sides together forming a near circle. When the cherries are ripe, they must be picked, processed and dried, and the end product is our coffee bean which goes through the roasting process. Eventually making its way into you cup for enjoyment.


There are many different species of coffee trees, but the most commonly planted and harvested species are the Arabica and Robusta species. Arabica beans have a complex flavor profile and require more time to process than Robusta. Robusta on the other hand is easier to grow and typically have a higher caffeine content in the bean. Understanding which species your a purchasing is important as the difference between the resulting bean is reflected in the quality and flavor of the coffee you drink. Colombia grows predominantly Arabica species which is what you buy when you purchase our coffee. Our coffee is of high quality and reflects the best of Colombia. 


Amongst the 2 main species of coffee plants, there are many varieties. Arabica has many varieties however the most popular and common are; Pink Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, Catuai, Geisha, Pacamara and Typica. Each coffee variety contains different characteristics and flavors. We pay particular attention to the quality of the variety we provide and also how they are washed and roasted which has a major influence on the resulting cup of coffee. . 

We currently are importing the following varieties: Castillo, Caturra-Colombia, Pink Bourbon and Geisha.