The Muisca Story

I am from Bogota, Colombia and spent the first 25 years of my life in the mountains around Bogota. In that area, prior to Spanish arrival, the Indigenous peoples from this region were called Muisca. My family have deep Indigenous roots and I feel a strong connection to the land and my Indigenous culture. The Muisca were known for their great trading networks and riches in the area. The history of the Muisca goes back over 10,000 years with a major change when the Spanish arrived over 500 years ago. I take pride in holding onto my culture and the skills which my ancestors possessed. In particular, I greatly enjoy trading and bringing my culture to others. 

The frog in my logo is the female side of the Muisca tribe and represents fertility and growth. 

My deep connection to my roots have lead to the company name and logo. I hope you enjoy the history and can taste the culture in every cup of coffee you enjoy from Muisca.