Collection: Marcela y Hector Armando Belalcazar

Don Hector Armando Belalcazar, was born and raised in Cauca, Colombia; He went to school in Popayan, a small city in the south of Colombia. Popayan has an interesting history and is famous for the Holy week procession (Semana Santa). People make a special trip to this city for this week and come from around the world to witness the procession which reflects the Catholic tradition. 

Don Hector met his wife Marcela while attending University. Hector graduated as an Agriculture Engineer and following school he and his partner decided to stay near Popayan, where they bought a farm named San Victorino. On their farm they decided to start a new project with using coffee trees from different Arabica varieties. The farm already had some coffee plants but they started growing varieties such as Catimor, Castillo, and Caturra. At first the production was challenging with these varieties and they decided to grow the Geisha variety by planting 2500 trees. After many challenging years they finally had some successful crops. After they found success with the Geisha variety, they decided to plant an additional 5000 seedlings of this variety. Don Hector and his wife are working passionately to improve their coffee and raise a family. Through their efforts, we are sure you will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This farm is located in Timbio, Cauca, Colombia, at 1852 meters above sea level. The soil is rich in volcanic minerals, as they are surrounded by past active volcanoes. They have access to fresh water which ensures the coffee plants have the ideal conditions to produce the perfect bean.

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