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Daniela Cuellar is a young female Colombian farmer. Her family was forced to relocated many years ago due to civil unrest. Almost 10 years ago, she and her partner began developing a parcel of land with coffee plants, with the hope of making a living. They started by planting 1500 Castillo trees over 7 years ago. Their dream was to grow coffee and support their family. Through years of hard work, they have developed an international business exporting coffee to many countries. Daniela and her family work hard for every cup of coffee you drink. Their coffee is smooth and rich. We look forward to working with her in years to come at their farm, El Brasil, in Gigante, Huila, Colombia.

This farm is located in one of the richest areas in Colombia. They have several rivers and a lot of natural vegetation which they can grow excellent coffee. The weather is perfect for growing their Castillo variety and wonderful conditions that make her coffee an annual for wining the Cup of Excellence in Colombia.  Their coffee is sought after by many roasters and we are thankful to have their beans in our selection.

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