Adriana's dream

I wanted to share my thoughts and my dream with the rest of the world, and I am very happy I can do it this way, because not many people had the opportunity to experience two cultures and to live a life like I am doing right now.  I am sure you will be confused sometimes about the way I write, but remember this is my second language, I hope you understand it. 

Now lets go to what I wanted to say; born and raised in a Bogota, Colombia, third world country with little opportunities to grow or see the world, landed in Canada (see our Story page) to live with my boyfriend (now my husband) in a little small town nestled in the mountains, where the population hardly reach 5,000 thousand people. I was amazed about the weather, snow and this wonderful country. Then always thinking how can I connect Canada to Colombia.  I though about it; every time I visited my country and how to share my culture and our wonderful products with Canada. Then the pandemia came and Muisca was born. With only one purpose, to help our farmers and coffee farmers. I had a lot of time to read, learn and explore the imports logistics and everything related to this process. 

Then the connections with the farmers started, some via Facebook and others through friends in Colombia. My dream is to bring our wonderful products from Colombia, connecting our farmers with Canadian markets and at the same time giving our farmers the opportunity to grow and expand their business and giving them and their families ways to progress and have a decent life and basic needs, as education, health and housing.